Chopra Statement on Senate Republicans’ Underhanded Redistricting Maneuver

Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor, Aneesh Chopra, made the following statement today in response to VA Senate Republicans’ surprise maneuver on redistricting legislation:

“Today Virginia saw two very different visions for how our country and the Commonwealth move forward. President Obama spoke of what we can accomplish when we come together to work for a common purpose, while Republicans in the state Senate showed the citizens of Virginia that they care more about their party’s prospects than they do about the good of everyday Virginians. Their actions today represent the worst in politics - the amount of trust that has been destroyed by this action is immeasurable and the damage that has been done to the institution of the Senate cannot be quantified. I am calling on Governor McDonnell to reject the actions of Senate Republicans. It is up to him to stand up to his own party and do the right thing.”